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    Forum of International Youth Projects “U-Active: Networking for developing youth projects” (24-26.11.2011, Belarus)
    28.10.2011, 22:41
    Forum of International Youth Projects “U-Active: Networking for developing youth projects” (24-26.11.2011, Belarus)

    We are pleased to invite you to the first Forum of International Youth Projects, titled “U-Active: Networking for developing youth projects”. The Forum will take place on the 24-26 November, 2011 in Grodno, Belarus. The Forum intends to bring together interesting, initiative and active students all over Europe and let them exchange their ideas by providing informative sessions and learning opportunities with outstanding speakers who have a huge international project experience and a will to help us with idea and project generation.

    This is supposed to be the Forum where there will be a chance to establish contacts with young people, share experience, find partners for interesting project ideas and probably for future social and business projects. U-active Forum idea has been developed by a group of students studying in Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno and acting in Youth-In-Club, nonformal group of students interested in developing and participating in international projects. “U-active” has a triple meaning: “you active”, “active youth” and “active University”. We are proud to welcome our delegates from all over Europe, especially those coming from our partner universities.

    Important Dates
    3th November, 2011 - Registration deadline
    7th November, 2011 - Participant notification
    24th - 26th November, 2011 - Forum days

    Each participant has to register for the U-Active Forum. The deadline for registration is 3th November, 2011. Please fill in the Registration Form on-line carefully to provide us the relevant information (especially those who need visa to Belarus) and send us your short CV. There is a recruitment process for all applicants. All participants will be notified by e-mail until 7th November, 2011. The information about participants will be also published on the web-page.

    Registration Fee
    There is also a registration fee for participants of the U-Active Forum.
    Participants have to make a payment of:
    - 20 EUR: all participants
    - 70 000 BYR: Belarusian participants

    Donations from participants should be made on their arrival at the registration point. Donations in Euro are accepted equivalent to Belarusian rubles on the day of arrival.

    The registration fee includes:
    participation in the Forum;
    access to all the program sessions;
    coffee breaks during sessions;
    conference materials;
    breakfasts, lunches and dinners throughout the Forum;
    accommodation in the student's dormitories during the Forum;
    cultural program.
    Who can participate?
    U-Active Forum intends to bring together interesting, initiative and active young people all over Europe and especially from partner universities. The Forum encourages the participation of both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

    You can participate in the Forum if you:
    - have high motivation and active life style;
    - are a leader of a youth or student organization;
    - have some experience of youth projects realization;
    - would like to realize joint international projects;
    - would like to exchange your experience with Belarusian students;
    - have good knowledge of English (communicative level).

    Main requirements:
    - To fill in the registration form (on-line);
    - Provide a short CV (1 page).

    You can read more and apply here.

    Contact Information:

    tel.: +375 152 731 954, fax: +375 152 731 910

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